Fast Car Moving Auto Transport is a great place to start when choosing a moving company.

Be careful when comparing your moving quotes, as some may only be moving estimates and many don’t include all of the extra costs that people forget about.


TItle or a letter from the lien holder
Shipper Export Declaration form
Declaration of Dangerous Goods form
Car insurance that covers overseas shipping

Step 1
Compare quotes from various auto shippers who specialize in overseas travel.

Expect to pay per mile to have a company transport your car from its location inland to a seaport. Most auto shippers leave from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Jacksonville, Miami, New York, Norfolk, Charleston, Baltimore and Wilmington, DE. Don't be surprised to pay more for a large car both on land and by sea--companies will charge extra to transport an over sized car to the port, and then charge extra to carry it and store it on board ship.

Step 2
Submit all necessary paperwork requested by the auto shipper. This includes two copies of a notarized title, a letter from the lien holder if it exists, a Shipper Export Declaration form and a Declaration of Dangerous Goods form.

Step 3
Check with your car insurance company to see if your auto policy covers overseas transport. If not you will have to purchase shipping insurance. The cost of this is anywhere from 1.5 and 2.5 percent of your car's estimated value, and can be obtained through the auto transport company you choose to ship your car overseas.

Step 4
Get your car thoroughly cleaned inside and out, as well as serviced, before it gets picked up by the auto shipping company, so that it will work properly when it gets to its destination. This includes checking your fluids, battery charge and tire air pressure. Remove items like roof racks, spoilers or anything that excessively protrudes from your car and can be easily damaged. Be sure to remove any electronic devices like E-Z pass before shipping.
Remove all personal items from your vehicle such as a car alarm, leaving behind only the spare tire, the jack and a quarter-tank of gas.

Step 5
Thoroughly inspect your car prior to its departure so that you recognize any damage that may occur in transit.


How to Ship an Automobile Overseas
Most people transport their car overseas by contracting with an auto shipper specializing in carrying passenger vehicles across the ocean. These companies are experts at managing the paperwork and customs regulations that vary from country to country and that can make your life a headache if you don't know what you are doing. According to, the price can range from $750 and to as high as over $4000 depending on the distance required for ocean as well as truck transport for those whose cars are located inland, the size of the car and shipping insurance rates. Moving items internationally requires paperwork and preparation and transporting a car overseas is no exception.

How Much Would it Cost to Ship a Car?